National Yes Banner Library T&Cs

The National Yes Banner Library is owned by Grassroots Oban and run for the benefit of the wider Scottish Independence movement across Scotland. Grassroots Oban does not aim to make a profit from the library; however funds will be needed to assist groups whose funds are tight, to replace banners vandalised/stolen whilst in their possession. Some fundraising will therefore be needed amongst member groups. Donations for this purpose will be welcome.

The Library is open to groups and individuals alike. (For ease the terms “group” or “member” to encompass both will be used henceforth in these T&Cs.)

The membership fee is a one-off charge of £160.00. This entitles each member to the use of five 2mx1m banners and the cost of carriage from the manufacturer. Members can request more banners (in multiples of five) upon payment of another £160 for each extra set of five banners.

Membership requests should be made through Grassroots Oban.

Membership fees should be paid to the Grassroots Oban bank account, preferably via direct bank transfer, or if not possible by cheque. Please note the account name is simply “GRASSROOTS”. Sort code: 83-26-04 Account number: 00171183. The address to send cheques to will be given on request.

When membership is applied for, groups can choose their initial five banner designs from the Grassroots Oban’s website. More images will be added as designs are chosen and artwork from designers is offered.
No payment will be made by Grassroots Oban for the use of artwork. Artwork used does not require exclusivity by The National YES Banner Library.

Permission gained by Grassroots Oban is for the use for The National YES Banner Library only and does not imply general use for any other organisations.

Suggestions for new banner designs are very welcome. Please forward to: . All designs must be approved by Grassroots Oban. Please remember we aim to inform, educate and convert. We do not aim to shock, humiliate or ridicule.

Grassroots Oban will facilitate and pay for the purchase and printing of banners (normally, although not necessarily exclusively, by Edinburgh Banners) and arrange for them to be sent direct to the address provided by the member.

Banners will be rotated around the library membership at the end of each month. Grassroots Oban will notify members each month as to what address they should send banners on to. Members should post banners quickly so that no group is without banners for too long.

Members are responsible for sourcing locations within their area where they intend displaying the banners. Members must gain permissions from land/property owners/tenants, the latter having legal right to grant such permission.

Members must ensure banners are held firmly in place with no risk of breaking free in any circumstances including those caused by bad weather. Fixings of the banners such as cable ties (preferred), ropes, etc must be provided by the group. Please ensure old fixings which can’t be reused are removed from the site and disposed of responsibly. Reusable cable ties are available – but are easier for thieves to remove.
nce members take delivery of a set of banners they accept all responsibility/liability for those banners until they are posted on to the next group. Neither Grassroots Oban nor The National YES Banner Library will be held responsible for banners located in sites where permission has not been sought or for damage/injury caused by banners which have broken free of their fixings for whatever reason. Banners lost/damaged as a result must be replaced by the group responsible.

Postage charges to send to the next group will be covered by the group doing the posting. Postage can be 1st or 2nd class but must include “signed for”. Couriers requiring signatures are also acceptable.

Should any banners be vandalised/stolen, this should be reported to Grassroots Oban immediately. Replacement banners for the affected group will be by negotiation depending on funds available within the Library accounts and the group concerned. Recurring loss of banners by a group would suggest the area is not suitable and no further banners will be delivered. In such circumstances no money will be refunded, although help and advice will be offered to enable these vulnerable groups to continue to get the Indy message out.

Members can opt out at any time but no money will be refunded.

All banners remain the property of The National Yes Banner Library.