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Minutes of the Online Meeting Saturday 11th April 2020

Minutes of the Online Meeting Saturday 11th April 2020

(via Zoom)

Present: Ruth, Breege, Colin, Ashley, Nick, Alan, Beatrice, Valerie, Muriel

  1. Rockfield in Lockdown
    Ruth advised that Rockfield are extending their lock-down plans until end of June, so next meeting of the group will also be online. Discussion followed about various activities being undertaken by those present during the lock-down period and support by volunteers within rural and island communities.

  2. PPE 
    Breege has 6 volunteers sewing masks and gowns for use by NHS or social care staff in the area. Owen Sails are assisting with cutting patterns for gowns and any donations or help would be welcome.

  3. Grassroots Website
    Nick is available to do any work needed on the Grassroots website. Ruth wants to put posters and leaflet volunteer list on the website – will pass to Nick in due course. Nick could also set up Grassroot email addresses for different group functions or group members. He will check out and report back.

  4. Banners / Banner Library
    Group agreed we may wish to delay having banners made up until present epidemic has passed in case campaign priorities need reviewed.

  5. Future Online Events
    Breege suggested that Grassroots may be able to organise online events with high profile invited speakers. E.g. Robin McAlpine of Common Weal has interesting information on canvassing options and resilience of rural communities. The group agreed this was something that would be worth pursuing – Breege to contact Robin and see if something can be arranged in the near future.

  6. Mike Russell – invite to meeting?
    Colin suggested that Mike Russell might also be willing to make a short contribution to the meeting, although not from a party political standpoint. This might be something for a future meeting.

  7. Updates on Covid-19 Situation
    Breege suggested another idea might be an online medical forum to update the community of the local picture in relation to the Covid 19 epidemic.
    Alan works at the hospital and provided a very helpful update of the current situation at LIDGH, which is in a positive position overall in regard to PPE, bed capacity and level of preparedness.
    The group discussed the varying level of information and communication from G.P. surgeries across the area, making dissemination of current and comprehensive information very important for local residents.
    Beatrice suggested Yvonne Blainey, Infection Control based in Oban might be a good contact.
    Care home information my be available from Social Work – Adult Care Team.
    Alan pointed out that any medical / social work information from the hospital would have to be authorised by management. He will ask the appropriate people what might be possible and report back.

  8. Declaration of Arbroath book launch postponed
    Ruth thanked group for good show of photographs on Facebook page

  9. Phillipa Whitford visit / meeting
    will be rescheduled for a future date.

  10. Leafleting Area maps
    John not in meeting today so item will be carried forward to next meeting.

  11. Posters
    Team assembled to distribute posters when we have them ready. Group will coordinate to avoid duplication or gaps.

  12. Aye Spy Book
    Beatrice has not received any contact from the members with ideas/ content relating to Scotland or Indy. She will forward what she has so far to Nick who may be able to contribute.

  13. Finance
    Colin updated the meeting, everything outstanding has been paid except for Rockfield. There is currently a balance of £3,600 in the bank.

  14. AOCB

  15. Date of Next meeting
    Online – Saturday 9 May 2020 at 10am.