National Banner Library

The Concept
Each group pays groups pay a membership fee of £160 which will be used to pay for five banners and the initial carriage. The banners which will be printed by Edinburgh banners and send directly to the group. The banners will be displayed for a month on sites in the group’s area, then at the end of the month each group will exchange its banners with another group. This way banners will be rotated regularly enough to keep the public interested.

The Banners
The banners will be heavy duty vinyl with eyelets. In order to ensure variety  we would ask each group to choose their initial five designs from those below as follows:

  • 2 banners from the Quotes section
  • 2 banners from the Statistics section
  • 1 banner from the Memes section

Banners marked n/a in the top lh corner have already been chosen as their starting selection by another group. but of course these will rotate to you in turn. 

Please send  an email with your chosen designs to  Banners should be identified by the numbers/names underneath them. Payment should be by bank transfer or (if absolutely necessary) by cheque to Grassroots Oban.  We will provide the bank details when you order. Once we have received payment we will send the order and the print file to Edinburgh Banners and arrange for the banners to be sent directly to you. The price per banner includes a charge for postage.

Please read the terms and conditions before signing up.