Minutes of Zoom planning meeting of 12th September.

Ruth welcomed everyone to the meeting. There were just ten attendees.

Guest Speaker Meetings

The August meeting with Julian Smith and Andy Anderson was deemed a success.

The September meeting about the d’Hondt system and the rise of Indy list only parties is much anticipated. Speaker will be Keith Brown (Deputy leader SNP), Lorna Slater (Co-convener Scottish Greens), Dave Thompson (founder member of the Alliance for Independence Party) and John Curtice, (Polling expert, Strathclyde University).

The October meeting will be entitled The Constitution for Scotland. It will be held on 13th October at 7pm. The speakers will be the four directors of the organisation, Constitution for Scotland: Robert Ingram, John Hutchison, Ronnie Morrison, Lorraine Cowan.

Our membership of the Yes Highlands & Islands network

means we need four nominated delegates. All four have access to the WhatsApp group which deals with business arising between meetings. Two of the four delegates attend the meetings. We currently have two delegates: Colin Morrison and Ruth Barratt. A request was made for two more. No one volunteered. It was suggested we ask Gordon Wood to see if he might be interested. Ruth agreed to do this.

We have been invited by Aye2Aye in Fort William to join them on Sept 19th for a Flags & Banners Day.

Breege, Colin & Ruth agreed to go. Ruth told the meeting that she had been asked if Aye2aye could borrow banners for the event. She had to explain with much embarrassment that Grassroots Oban did not have any banners, the group having refused to join the library at the two previous meetings. Breege said not being member of the library – own own initiative – was presumably an oversight and insisted we join. The meeting agreed and Ruth was told to choose the banners herself and get them ordered.

Aye Spy Book.

Beatrice and Joy reported back that they had the content for the book finalised and had intended sending it to Nick for printing. Ruth pointed out that before it could go to print the content needed to be artwork ready which Nick would not be doing. He is happy to organise the printing via Amazon. Ruth said a member of Yes Forres was a graphic artist. She would contact him to see if he could help. It was agreed that the current artwork be sent to her in order to contact the artist.

Long Walk to Freedom

It was agreed to get involved (covid restrictions allowing) with the Long Walk to Freedom. (More info can be obtained at thelongwalktofreedom.theroundtable.scot) The walkers will be passing through our area between 25-30 October. They need various forms of support. Ruth has made contact but as yet heard nothing. Breege agreed to undertake making contact and co-ordinating our involvement. Other volunteers were asked for.

Believe in Scotland is hosting a Kickstart Conference in an aim to set the campaign for Indyref2 on track. The conference will be for Yes group leaders and committee members. The conference is on 25-27 September. (Note: in the meeting it was thought to be in October)

Colin gave an update on finances.

We have a healthy bank balance that will hopefully be used for a hub once Covid is sorted out and it is deemed safe to open one up.

At the Yes Highlands & Islands network meeting we heard that YES, AYE and Saltire Facemasks are available to purchase. They can be bought for £3.50 with the RRP being £4.99. It was agreed Colin would buy 10 of each.

The date of the next meeting is to be 10th October at 10am

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