Minutes of the Online Meeting Saturday 16th May 2020

  1. Robin McAlpine event
    Breege updated group, numbers are looking good. The virtual meeting has capacity of 100, 35 signed up at present, expecting well over 40. We should still try getting the message out to other groups – open to all.             ACTION: All

  2. Next Online Event
    Breege will arrange a second online event with Graham McCormick on the subject of ground rent. Aim for 2/3 weeks after Robin’s date.              ACTION: Breege

  3. Website
    Nick has completed items previously discussed for the Grassroots website. Has put notices about meetings etc. The group could hold a fundraiser via the web site or set up to take PayPal payments.

    The directory is now on the web site – Nick is looking for suggestions for inclusion. The Fact Check area could be expanded. Everything on the website is public access but Nick could create a Members Area.    https://grassrootsoban.scot/             ACTION: Ruth, Nick

  4. Social Media
    Joy recorded her appreciation of the high quality appearance of the web site and how useful this will be going forward. Ruth mentioned the good work that Lucy is doing on social media for the group, keeping information moving out and the profile visible.

  5. Aye Spy Book
    Beatrice updated the group on progress and we were able to share the graphics in the zoom meeting. Nick has assisted with the design which is very impressive and eye catching. Beatrice suggested that we hold back publishing until later in the year when activity may be more normal sales easier to make. (cover page attached) Any additional ideas for content will be welcome.                  ACTION: Beatrice, All

  6. Finance
    Colin updated the meeting, everything outstanding has been paid although the account owes Colin £287.00 for items which has has paid for directly. There is one signed check in reserve. There is currently a balance of £3,755.42 in the bank. Breege suggested that in light of the bank balance the group makes a donation to charity. Following discussion it was agreed that the existing funds are held to cover the rental costs of any premises which may be rented to establish the Independence Hub. At the moment those costs are not quantified, but will be significant and we would hope to proceed at the earliest possible time following lock down.

    Nick suggested that he creates links on the website to charities and people may donate if they wish. Charitable activities will be carried forward for future discussion.

  7. Future Meetings
    Ruth asked if Breege would be willing to take charge of organising all future online meetings, and Breege agreed to do so. ACTION: Breege

  8. Leafleting Area maps
    John Beaton joined the meeting. There has been no further activity on developing the area maps and John asked if anyone might be willing to assist with the project and provide some oversight to the layout. Colin advised that the Cowal group are using an app based on GPS, some discussion was held whether this could be helpful with – Colin will find out more and share with John. Liaise with Nick / Ruth. ACTION: John, Colin

  9. AOCB -none

  10. Date of Next meeting:
    Online – Saturday 13 June 2020 at 10am.

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