Online talk/Q&A session with Robin McAlpine, Common Weal.

Following our discussions last month Breege has managed to set up an online talk/Q&A session with Robin McAlpine of the Common Weal. Although organised by Grassroots Oban we are inviting anyone to join us. The meeting has a capacity of 100 attendees. The Common Weal is currently working extrememly hard to present Scotland with an alternative way forward as we come out of lockdown. Their plans cover every aspect of the country including the economy, housing, land reform, the environment plus much, much more. It is an exciting project and one we all need to get involved with in order to make sure the government sit up and take notice. Please do join us. The meeting is on Tuesday 26th May at 7pm. The link to join the session is:
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 792 1434 7270

Joining online conference sessions on Zoom is very easy. Click the link now and follow the instructions the download the Zoom app. Then just before 7pm on Tuesday 25th click it again to join the session. If you are uncomfortable talking online don’t worry – you can just listen but please do join us. Feel free to invite your family, friends and colleagues.

The meeting  is available to book on Eventbrite. It would be useful if you could book a place so that we can see roughly how many folk are hoping to attend. To book please click on this link:

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